Stainless Steel Earring Findings (másolat)

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(Magyar) Nem kopik, nem fakul, nem veszít a fényéből és nem okoz allergiás tüneteket.

A tálca BELSŐ átmérője: 12mm

A belső átmérő azt mutatja, hogy mekkora kaboson fér bele a fülbevaló alapba.

Külső átmérő = belső átmérő + 2mm.

A lógó elem hossza: 25mm

Az ár egy pár fülbevaló alapra vonatkozik.

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Stainless steel french clip earring findings. Not fading, doesn’t change its colour. Perfect for high quality, long life jewelries.

Color: shine polishing (NO plating)

The edge NARROWS towards the center from bottom to top.

Inner diameter of the tray (that is the size of the caboshon that fits): 12mm

Stainless steel thickness (bezel): 0.3 mm

Perfect for setting stones (and other items) or resin work.

Price has been set for one pair of earrings.

Stainless steel, surgical steel (316L)

The difference between stainless steel and surgical steel is that surgical steel is the highest quality of stainless steel. The name stainless steel usually means quality 304 and surgical steel is quality 316L. All products are stainless steel in my shop. I point it out separately if the steel is 316L quality (surgical steel). If you can not find this note, then it’s 304 quality stainless steel.  Both kind is hypoallergenic, so you can use them to make your jewelry last long without fading, rusting or changing its color.

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